Consortium proposes rival to Nielsen

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An exclusive group of media executives Thursday announced the formation of  a consortium aimed at creating an alternative to the extremely influential Nielsen rating system, according to an article in Broadcasting & Cable:

The press statement reads: “The group will initiate, fund and evaluate a series of pilot studies with independent measurement companies focusing on two key areas: the current and future potential of television measurement through set-top-box data, and new methods for cross-platform media measurement. CIMM will publish all research findings to its members and make them publicly available as well.”

The news is likely to thrill companies which have an eye on monetizing set-top-box data and the myriad research outfits looking to crunch or merge it with other data sets. Whether it spells the beginning of the end of Nielsen’s weighted national TV panel is hard to say at this stage since virtually the entire $70 billion TV advertising business is built around Nielsen produced C3 commercial ratings currency.

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