Finals week weather warning

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For those who missed this email from the Provost’s office…


Please note that this is NOT a POSTPONEMENT but an information message only!

Due to the inclement weather conditions that are forecasted for our area tonight and into tomorrow morning (Wed., December 9, 2009), we would like to send you information in advance for a POSSIBLE contingency plan.  If the predicted weather conditions do materialize, these plans would most likely affect the 8:00AM exam and possibly the 10:15 exam.

*Please check the Registrar’s website at:, for the contingency plan make-up times.   You can also check this webpage for re-assignments.
*This contingency plan applies only to those courses for which an exam was to have been given according to the instructor and course syllabus.

*If this contingency plan causes a conflict with an already scheduled exam, students should attend the originally scheduled exam and then contact the instructor of the rearranged course to make plans to make it up at a later date.

*Note that we are trying to avoid using the Saturday afternoon special period for conflicts.  Using that period creates significant other problems.  Also, we want to leave it open in case of other weather events later in the week.

*If the contingency schedule causes a severe hardship for students with fixed travel plans or, if in a student’s judgment it is unsafe to travel to campus, those students should contact their instructor to request an incomplete grade, with the exam to be made up at a later date.

*If a faculty member cannot make the trip to campus or make other arrangements, the faculty member should email the affected students.

REMINDER:  THIS IS NOT A POSTPONEMENT AT THIS TIME. We will watch the weather and make the call, if needed, tomorrow morning via, email, phone, TV and text.

Please print or save this email to reference.

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