Department grad among Discovery hostages

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A 1996 graduate of the Universityof Scranton’s Department of Communication was among three people taken hostage by an eco-terrorist Wednesday at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland. The gunman was later killed by police.

Jim McNulty, a senior writer-producer at TLC, Discovery Communications, was held hostage for four hours by a man armed with several bombs.

According to FOX News, as McNulty and the other two employees “got ready to make a break for it, officers moving in on Lee heard him shout and then a “pop” that they thought might have been gunfire or a homemade bomb detonating. So they stepped out from behind a wall and shot him dead, ending the drama that unfolded Wednesday at the cable network’s complex just north of Washington.”

Neither McNulty nor the other hostages were harmed in the incident.

WNEP Channel 16 and WBRE Channel 28 were in the department Thursday to interview Prof. Beth Holmes, head of the broadcasting track, who shared her recollections of McNulty’s time at the University.

You can read the local stories and see the video for WBRE at PAHomePage and from WNEP at the station’s web site.

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