Intersession courses in Communication

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The Department of Communication is offering four courses in addition to its normal Public Speaking classes this Intersession.

Typically, courses must have six students registered in order to be offered. If fewer than six students are registered, the dean’s office might ask that the department cancel a course.

At present, three of the four courses being offered in Intersession are short of the required minimum. Students in those courses might want to keep an eye on those courses so that they can change their plans for Intersession if needed.

Those courses and their current registrations are:

COMM 215 Introduction to Comm Theory (5 students)
MTWR 09:00am – 11:30am

COMM 222 Television Production (4 students)
MTR 09:00am – 12:10pm

COMM 384 ST: Mass Media in Film (4 students)
MTWR 01:00pm – 03:30pm

We will post to our blog and Facebook page if we cancel any course this Intersession.

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