Department to sponsor video contest

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The University of Scranton Department of Communication invites students within the department to create a 3-minute promotional video for the chance to win a $200 cash prize.

The video should be aimed at prospective students and their parents. It should be professional, yet fun and interesting. The goal is to showcase the department and the talent of its students.

The winning video, as selected by a committee of department faculty members, could be shown during University Open Houses, Major Fairs and other events.

Contest rules:

1) The contest is open to current Communication majors only. All entries must consist solely of original work created by current students of the department.

2) Any identifiable individuals in the video must sign a consent form indicating their willingness to allow their likeness to be used in the video.

3) Entries should be accompanied by the name of the entrant, as well his or her address, phone number and university e-mail address.

4) Students may work alone or as a group. However, each video must be submitted under a single primary entrant’s name. In the event that a group entry wins the contest, prize money will be awarded to the primary entrant. It will be the primary entrant’s responsibility to divide the award as he or she sees fit.

5) Students can enter only one video as the primary entrant. However, they can work on as many video entries as they wish. So, for example, a group of four students could work together to produce four separate videos, each submitted under the name of a different primary entrant.

6) All entries must be submitted in .mov on a DVD or flash drive. Entries must be received by 3 p.m. on Friday, May 6. Entries must be submitted to the Department of Communication, 4th Floor Communication Wing, St. Thomas Hall.

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