What’s your weakness?

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With the money crunch happening across the country, I find that sometimes it’s tough to say “no,” just because splurging once in awhile makes me feel good.  This article pretty much sums it up.  To what things do you have trouble saying “no?”  One of mine is on this list: Makeup.  I’m also a fan of lattes.


Indulgent Consumers Are Buying More Handbags, Fewer Diapers

The danger of a double-dip recession is scaring everybody, but not enough to keep them from buying frivolous things. As third quarter sales figures come trickling in, consumer confidence is tanking, but consumer spending is still holding up. While Americans appear more frugal in some categories, they also seem to be having a few willpower problems. Whether spending too much on make-up or abandoning their commitment to environment-safe products, consumers are indulging as much as they’re cutting back, but it’s not their fault. “In a poor economy, at any given moment people are more likely to have problems with self-control than otherwise,” Kathleen D. Vohs, a marketing professor  at the University of Minnesota recently told The New York Times. “Because there’s only so far their self-control energy can be stretched.”

Read More:  http://news.yahoo.com/indulgent-consumers-buying-more-handbags-fewer-diapers-200246459.html

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