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Her Campus has been brought to the University of Scranton

By Dania El-Ghazal
Class of 2018
Major: PR

Imagine working for the #1 global online magazine- as a college student! Well, students at the University of Scranton are doing just that thanks to Her Campus. Her Campus is an online magazine aimed toward women written by college students for college students. With over 6,000 contributors throughout over 270 colleges and universities, HC is a growing college community! Article topics include style, beauty, health, love, life, career, LGBTQ+, high school and real world. The University of Scranton reveals some passionate writers through their chapter, Her Campus Scranton. Two students, Samantha Milazzo and Elise Chaffiotte, started the Scranton chapter just last fall. In one year, the university received four awards: Rookie of the Year, Viral Vixen, 2nd Place Highest Collegiate Circulation (tier 1-10,000 or fewer women on campus) and 2nd Place Best Team Builders! As time went on, at least one article each week from Her Campus Scranton received enough views to be published on the website’s national home page! Together, first-years, sophomores, juniors and seniors joined forces to write humorous, serious, relatable and light-hearted articles about Scranton’s weather, campus life, friendship, love and more! As a great resume builder, Her Campus brings a real life vibe to a college life environment. It is also a great friendship builder. Through each article, different women (and men, too) are united by Her Campus’ common denominator: the readers are college students! Whether someone on campus is stressed out about finals or looking for a good laugh, he or she can turn to Her Campus Scranton to find a story relating to them. HC Scranton is building their team even larger this year in the hope that it will make more smiles, laughs and national top stories!

Check out Her Campus Scranton at

Instagram and Twitter: HCScranton

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